Cyber Security

Cyber SecurityWe take Cyber Security seriously; therefore, we will place the highest level of attention to your network infrastructure.  At ManCom, we view cyber security from a granular level with an understanding that Cyber Security is not only hackers attempting to break past your firewall.  Cyber Security is much, much more….

ManCom is proud to have on staff an industry leader in Cyber Security.  We plan to leverage as much information and provide it to our customers to ensure they are aware of cyber threats that may exist within their network architecture.

In addition to Cyber Hackers that are most prevalent in countries other than the United States, we would ask you to look a little deeper, but closer to the surface.  Cyber security starts with understanding where you are acquiring everything you need to build your entire infrastructure.  Is your router authentic?; Is your computer made by the company that you think?. These and many other potential security threats are what ManCom focuses on when developing your network architecture.  We will make sure your network is protected.

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